Types of Entrepreneurship : 10 Classification of Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur word came from “Entreprendre” word. Many writers stated about entrepreneur. Joseph Cantillon stated that, entrepreneur is primarily an innovator whose dynamic creative response makes him central to promotion to material growth.

J.B. Say stated that, an entrepreneur is one who combined the land of one, the labor of another and the capital to yet another, and thus produce a product. By selling the product in the market, we pays interest on capital, rent land wages to laborers and what requires in his/her profit.

Important type of Entrepreneurship:

There are several types of entrepreneurs, each with its own unique set of characteristics and goals. However, one important type of entrepreneur is the social entrepreneur.

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who start businesses or organizations with the primary goal of creating social or environmental impact, rather than just generating profits. They use innovative business models to address social and environmental challenges, such as poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, and access to education and healthcare. Social entrepreneurs focus on creating sustainable and scalable solutions to these problems, often by partnering with stakeholders in government, non-profits, and the private sector. They are driven by a sense of purpose and are committed to making a positive difference in the world.

Examples of successful social entrepreneurs include Muhammad Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank to provide microfinance loans to poor people in Bangladesh; Wendy Kopp, who founded Teach For America to address educational inequity in the United States; and Blake Mycoskie, who founded TOMS Shoes to provide shoes to children in need around the world.

Social entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly important in today’s society, as people are looking for new ways to address complex social and environmental challenges. Social entrepreneurs are at the forefront of this movement, using their creativity and innovation to create positive change in the world.

Classification of Entrepreneurs:

There has different kind of entrepreneur. That mentioned below…

  • Innovative Entrepreneur
  • Imitative Entrepreneur
  • Fabian Entrepreneur
  • Technically skilled Entrepreneur
  • Opportunistic Entrepreneur
  • Drone Entrepreneur
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Part time Entrepreneur
  • Immigrant Entrepreneur
  • Women Entrepreneur

Innovative Entrepreneur:

Who do something completely new innovation. That’s means new product, new service, or new method. New source of materials, new market create, and new method innovating for making entrepreneurship. This kind of entrepreneur all time creates new something.

Imitative Entrepreneur:

The Imitative entrepreneur is who follow to other innovative things of entrepreneur. Imitative entrepreneur always used to method of another entrepreneur. He/she is follower of innovative entrepreneur. Imitative entrepreneur always inspired by other entrepreneurs. They use technique some differently. But their targeted industry is same. In our society, imitative entrepreneur is more. They don’t take any action firstly, they observe another person. Then they start their activities. Imitative entrepreneur is competitor of innovative entrepreneurs.   

Fabian Entrepreneur:

This kind of entrepreneur doesn’t want to change quickly. They believe on slowly change. Fabian entrepreneur are very traditional. They believed themselves, so they don’t stop activities. They always try to success but slowly.  

Technically skilled Entrepreneur:

This kind of entrepreneur is very knowledgeable & skilled on technical side. There thinking is practical based & believed on applying. They are thinking about science related & high educated entrepreneur. Present time, in this world has more technically skilled entrepreneurs. Specially, information technology expert entrepreneur are working in this world. There easier to getting success in IT sector. Such as, Google, Facebook, twitter, linked In etc. This company’s owners are technically skilled entrepreneurs.

Opportunistic Entrepreneur:

Opportunistic entrepreneur are to be educated, sincere, and very experienced person.  They search social and economical opportunity. They are very opportunistic. Opportunistic entrepreneur are risk averse minded. They don’t take more risk. But they search a chance for getting new opportunity. They are good performer in job.

Drone Entrepreneur:

This kind of entrepreneur depends on other person (labor). They are very traditional. Drone entrepreneur does struggling for self safety, doesn’t social development. Drone entrepreneur always business or loss/profit minded.   

Social Entrepreneur:

They are one kind of social worker. Social entrepreneur does social development changing. They are total activity for social development related work.

Part time Entrepreneur:

Part time entrepreneur season based entrepreneur. They do business a specific season for extra earning. In technology world, part time entrepreneur are increasing day by day. More people are trying to part time earnings from online by providing product or service and others.

Immigrant Entrepreneur:

Who, the person goes to other country from self country, and where he/she established a new business or industry, he/she are immigrant entrepreneur. They are high educated and high risk taker person.

Women Entrepreneur:

When, women innovate a new product, service or method, strategy and take risk for innovative change, the women are women entrepreneur. Present time, women are very innovative. They are trying to new things by information technology. Many women are doing online business from home.

We discussed above some types of entrepreneurs. You can try to be an entrepreneur in any type. Entrepreneur is very important role in a society.